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The smartest way to ship within Australia on your WooCommerce store!

The Best WooCommerce plugin developed by transport industry experts with an
understanding of the issues that can occur with online shopping deliveries.

Real-time quotes

Forget the flat-rate guessing game; real-time quotes at checkout ensures that you don't lose your shirt charging too little for shipping

Pack well, ship cheap

We know that the products you sell come in all shapes and sizes - that's why we offer a multitude of options and tools to maximise your savings by getting the packing right.

Fulfill everything

When it's time to send the goods, fulfilling your orders is as simple as clicking a button and choosing a pickup date. Use the rate quoted for the customer at checkout, or tweak the packing and re-quote the rate.

Better Prices

When it comes down to it, our shipping pricing is hard to beat. Volume senders pay even less!

Choose your carriers

We get our great pricing by asking 8 different carriers for their prices - and we give you the option of picking all or some of them.

Free to install

Install it and try it out for free - pay nothing until you ship something!

All the reasons you'll love Smart Send

Evolving from a background in courier and freight aggregation, we've set the standard for Australian online shipping for over 18+ years. It's in our blood!
Smart Send provides unbelievable pricing for regular senders or established ecommerce stores.
We get the best price or service for you by querying 8 different carriers that provide over 50 domestic and 10 International services.
High Support
Safety in numbers - due to the long term relationships we've built with our carriers, we make the carrier sending your orders sit up and take notice if there's a problem.
The Shipping
Before we were online shippers, we earned our stripes in the Australian freight industry. We know our stuff.

Now you can
Bring your own MyPost
Business account.

Customer Service is Key

Take advantage of Smart Send's exceptional customer service at no extra charge. At no time do you need to contact transport carriers/couriers to resolve any pickup or delivery issues.

Simply lodge a query via the Customer Service link in our WooCommerce shipping app or on the Smart Send site (we respond to initial enquiries within 9 minutes on average during business hours) and our staff will liaise with our contacts at the transport carriers and resolve the matter on your behalf. You will be updated at all stages of the enquiry until resolution.

Powered by These Carriers

Allied Express
Couriers Please
DHL Express
Direct Couriers

All this and more

Easy to Find

The Smart Send WooCommerce plugin is an 'embedded' plugin that works within your WooCommerce admin - no need to use an external platform to fulfill orders

Exact Prices at Checkout

Charging too much for shipping can mean the difference between customers abandoning their checkout - or even worse, if you charge too little for shipping you could incur significant losses.

Take the guesswork out of your shipping prices and work with exact shipping rates at customer checkout.

Easy to Use

It's an intuitive interface that we've tried to make as uncomplicated as we can. Plus we've got an easy to follow tutorial video on setup and how to use instructions as well as Technical Support.

Keep Your Promises

We know you can't always ship the order out the door as soon as the customer has paid.

We help you provide accurate delivery time estimates to buyers by factoring in your handling times or delays specific to your shipping strategy.

Fulfilling Orders

The hard work starts when it's time to send the customer their purchases.

With Smart Send's WooCommerce plugin, we make the process stress-free and access to over 50 domestic and 10 International services.

Upon fulfillment the app returns barcoded carrier compliant PDF shipping labels to your store and automatically updates the tracking number in WooCommerce.
When you've fulfilled the order, simply print the provided PDF shipping label to A4 or your thermal printer format for clear identification, collection and delivery.

Tracking is free on all services

Free to Install

There's no cost to use the Smart Send WooCommerce plugin - you just pay for any shipping when you send.

Choose the Right Options

We give you the power to choose what extras you require. Turn on or off:

Receipted Delivery
Drivers will obtain a signature to effect delivery and Proof of Delivery is provided on request. No further redelivery charges are incurred for merchants also.

Transport Assurance
Cover your goods against loss/damage with competitively priced options up to $10,000 per shipment.*

Tail-lift (assisted) pickup / delivery
Heavy items can be picked up and/or delivered via a Taillift Truck or 2 man assist option. Auto-choose option can be enabled for items over 30kgs in weight to save you time at fulfillment.

Tutorial Video

This tutorial video explains the setup steps for the Smart Send WooCommerce Shipping plugin for Australian merchants along with the process to fulfill orders for shipment.

Tracking numbers and PDF shipping labels can be generated along with real time shipping quotes at checkout on yourWooCommerce site.


* Features and conditions on this page are not available on the 'No Frills' VIP plan with Smart Send.
Shipping Smarter
Australia's first guide on shipping to help ecommerce stores. Written by Directors of Smart Send Steven Visic & Chris Madden with over 40+ years of industry experience.

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Shipping Smarter: The portal with expert advice for Smarter Shipping

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Hear from our clients

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Bend Brothers

Bend Brothers

"Smart Send is very helpful with my business with its easy-to-use interface, powerful packing/shipping calculator, near seamless integration with my Shopify store and its high attention to customer service."




"I like to build relationships with the partners I deal with and Smart Send came to the party. Pricing is an important consideration, with their website selecting the best and cheapest prices from a range of courier companies."


Cash Converters

Cash Converters

"Overall, the Smart Send experience has been wonderful. We have had the opportunity to send items that we were previously unable to send because it was too large to be sent by our preferred supplier..."


Empowered Auto Parts

Empowered Auto Parts

"Our customers demand steadfast service delivery and we know that Smart Send is unwavering in their commitment in doing that. Smart Send is a fundamental extension to our business..."


Get Fit

Get Fit

"I partnered with Smart Send because of the high level of support I receive when delivery issues occur. I've used lots of delivery services and Smart Send customer service meets all my needs ..."




"I started this journey with no understanding of shipping larger goods around Australia so having the Smart Send team and their wealth of knowledge on my side is enormously valuable."




"Smart Send is reasonably priced and very effective at generating shipping calculations on the fly for our customers at checkout. Most orders are seamlessly fulfilled via the Smart Send shipping app..."



Ultimate Sporting Memorabilia

"I stay with Smart Send because of their invaluable Customer Service. I have high value products that need to arrive quickly and on time, when issues arise buyers aren't prepared to wait forever for resolution."


Partners we work with
Allied Express
Couriers Please
DHL Express
Direct Couriers


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